• 4 star
  • Maldives


The word Alimathà originally meant “woman’s face”. The island, seen from above, today has a shape that reminds of a heart, and has a beach of fine white sand that goes soaking into the sea of the Maldives. It is surrounded by a beautiful and colorful coral reef inhabited by hundreds of species of fish. Alimathà is the perfect combination of relaxation on a beach with white sand and physical activity, from scuba diving to dozens of sports activities that can be played on the island.

Available Rooms

Over Water

Max Guests:
3 Adults
The 34 Over Water of Alimathà, oriented to the true north, open up in a fan that turns both at dawn and at sunset. Placed in the quietest corner of the island, they are surrounded by an atmosphere of calm and tranquility. The Over Water is the perfect choice to enjoy the magic of the horizon, lying on a comfortable sun lounger on your private balcony.

Beach Bungalow

Max Guests:
3 Adults
Arranged along the entire circumference of the island, the 96 Beach Bungalows face directly onto the white coral beach of Alimathà. From your deck you can scrutinize the horizon through the trunks and leaves of the palms and you will only need a few steps to reach the shore from which you can dive into the sea or enjoy the sun in complete relaxation.

Garden Villa

Max Guests:
3 Adults
Surrounded by greenery, the 29 Garden Villa of Alimathà live on the charm of daytime sounds of nature and the enveloping silence of the night. Covered by the veil of shadow of the high vegetation, the Garden Villa enjoy a unique afternoon freshness and a patio with a private garden that offers privacy and intimacy in the heart of the island.

Hotel Amenities

  • 24-hour front desk
  • Bar
  • Coffee shop