The Maldives consist of over 1100 coral islands, placed within a space of 90,000 square kilometres. The coral which surrounds each island results in a huge variety of thriving marine life. This is the beauty of the Maldives - its vibrant marine life. From each and every island - even the airport island - as you look towards the shallow waters, you will see fish of all shapes and sizes! The ocean colour in the Maldives is so unusual and beautiful, being turquise and also so clear, that you can see great distances towards the deep end. It is what I would call the Venice of Asia! Boats, Yachts, and all types of sea crafts dot the shores, and this is the main mode of travel in the Maldives. The capital city, called Male', is on a seperate island, and from the airport, there are ferries going to and fro, every 5 minutes. 

The resorts are all situated in a private island of itself. This is quite unique to the Maldives - the privacy, peace and relaxation which invariably comes from being in a private island... 

The sands are also quite different from the rest of the world. They consist of corals which have been crushed into minute powder like particles, which are so soft on the feet and are white in colour. So with the turquise ocean, the white sands and the green trees flanked on the islands, imagine the beauty which is  beheld by the eyes.

Not many people of this world know much about the Maldives... it is a secret, guarded with love. If you are lucky enough to come visit, you will be amazed, and it will be worthy of being in your Bucket list of life!