The island of Gan, is located in the Laamu Atoll, in the Maldives Isles.

Getting to Gan island, is a simple business. There are direct flights on Sri Lankan airlines, which take you direct to Gan airport, as well as many other airlines, such as Malaysian Airlines. There are also domestic flights which operate from the Maldives itself. Contact us for more information. The plane lands on the island of Kadhdhoo, and you can take a 10 minute taxi from there to Gan Island.

Gan Island is supposed to be the largest island in the Maldives, and quite developed as well, due to the various international organisations which have given their support after the 2004 tsunami, thus building schools, a hospital, water plant and power houses.

Gan island is one of most historical islands in the Maldives, as it served as a strategic outpost for the British Navy and Royal Air Force from 1941 to 1976. Much of the military infrastructure remains intact, including the runaway.

There are quite a few archaeological sites in Laamu, with evidence of pre-Muslim civilisations on many islands. At the north-eastern tip of the atoll, there is a giant, black dome rising above the palms. Who built the ancient artificial mound, known as a hawitta, and for what reason, is not really known. Buddha images have been found on the island, and are believed to be the remains of Buddhist stupas.

The Friday Mosque on Isdhoo is around 300 years old. It was probably built on the site of an earlier temple, because it faces directly west, rather than towards Mecca, which is to the northwest.

It is also a Diver's Paradise, as there are sunken ships around this area for endless hours of diving exploration.

Unlike the All-Inclusive resort private islands, where guests experience just the deserted island feel within a hotel atmosphere, if one stays in an Inhabited Island, such as Gan, there is far more authentic experiences to take part in. For instance, you can explore the island and try out the different restaurants and cafes, see how the locals live in the Maldives, visit the historic sites, check out different spots for snorkelling, take a bicycle and explore for miles and miles.


There are various comfortable accommodation options at Gan, and we can recommend the below:

Reveries Diving Village


Honors Residence