When one visits the Maldives islands, one of the first things which catches the eyes is the uniquely shaped boats floating throughout the seas there. These boats are called Dhoni’s and are quite unique to the Maldives. This is mainly due to the fact of its appearance, as the bow of the ship is curved and then extended into a curved figure head reaching up to the skies. This shape is said to be inspired from the ancient arab sailing vessels, which frequented the islands, for trade purposes. The Maldivian Dhoni is made mainly from coconut wood, which is widely available on the islands. The art of the dhoni  making is a traditional craft in the Maldives, learned by skilled craftsman, with apprentices starting from young ages.  

The Dhoni boats are a regular feature in the Maldives, as it is used for just about every essential task. From fishing – which is the Maldivian’s main income earner –, to transporting goods, to ferrying people from one island to another, and much more.

The quietly humming boats, sail not so fast but smoothly, through the waters, as if they are floating, and it is a peaceful feeling to be on such a boat, compared to the speedboats which go fast, yet are so noisy and bumpy.

So when you visit the Maldives islands, make sure you do get on a dhoni, as this is an experience you will never forget….