maldives resorts

The Maldives Isles was always a topic discussed in my travel enthusiast circles, as an amazing place, equal to no other place. The thought of its beauty was recognised, but never was an utter amazement formed, until I set foot on this magical place. As the plane was entering the Maldivian skies, with awe did we look down at the many pockets of islands, adorned on a magnificent turquoise ocean. I have never seen a sea as richly blue coloured as this. Not a dark or dull blue, but a bright blue, with a hint of green and crystal clear. The airport itself is an island of its own, and as we came out of the arrivals, into the open air, boats were lined around us waiting to take everyone to their resorts, and when we looked down into the ocean, there were beautiful colourful fish abundant right at the shores.